This is Teddy, he is our newest boot camp dog. He is here for some aggression issues, he likes to think that he owns his home and owner. Teddy likes to bite when people come near his owner or sits by her on his couch also Teddy has some issues with base-ball caps, he doesn’t like when men wear them also teddy doesn’t like small children, these are just a few of Teddy’s issues that we are working on. Teddy has now started to have some dog friends ( no choice when 13 dogs are around ) he teddy 001has become very comfortable here now and we have become ( Teddy & I ) BFF”S. Teddy likes to follow me where ever I go, and loves my son. Teddy is a happy spunky little dog and when we are done boot camp he will be a happy balanced little dog. Welcome aboard Teddy, glad you can be here. I will keep you updated on Teddy’s progress as the week continues.