wiser bootcamp dog 014

This is Wiser, he is a one year old hound who is in desperate need of some manners and boundaries. His owners have unfortunately had some bad training in the past which left them with an out of control dog who thinks HE runs the house and he owns everything. Lets just say his owners have the best intentions but Wiser had other intentions and we are going to set the record straight so all can live in peace and harmony. Wiser has BIG TIME separation anxiety, jumping up on people to greet them including small children, running away or not coming when called, jumping on the counter; eating shoes, undergarments, sunglasses and furniture to name a few. I have a very large laundry list of things to fix but you know me, I love a challenge! He has been here now for about 20 min and already has had a very valuable lesson taught, Daddy runs our yard not Wiser. Funny enough Daddy pinned Wiser within about 6 seconds of wiser entering our yard and now Wiser is Daddy’s new best friend. I will never stop being in complete wonderment when I watch a new dog enter and how the resident dogs just instinctively know what it is I need from them, I LOVE MY LIFE! Wiser is well on his way and already found a friend, a bed, and know clearly knows his place in the pack. Thanks again Daddy,
you’re the best!