Mylo, Summer, Junior

We call it a reverse Oreo! They call it fun! These are  my dogs Mylo and Junior, they went to their friends Summer house for a play date. As you can see I thin they enjoyed themselves, but I need to share a bit of the back ground story that you can’t see. Summer the chocolate lab has a patio door in the living room that was left open so the dogs could come in and out as they saw fit. Well my dogs have never witnessed such a thing, as they get let in and out by myself or my husband, they have never had the freedom to come and go before so this was a little confusing for by boxers! Well Summer saw this as an opportunity that was just too good to pass up, so Summer went outside through the patio doors and sat waiting in the dark, Junior the one in the picture on his back, went over to the door in confusion and just stood there! Didn’t know if he was allowed to go through or if he was supposed to stay in? Summer still sitting in the dark patiently was waiting for junior to come out, well junior could see Summer so he didn’t go out! This was funny enough to watch but it got a little funnier after that, Junior stood in the door way looking for Summer, still couldn’t see her, so still waited. Summer from the dark shadows pops up, Scares Junior who came running into the house and as he ran in, Summer went back out to stalk him again! Omg this was the funniest thing to watch, no matter how many times Summer waited in the dark to scare him, he kept going back for more!! Silly Junior, your cute, but not going to win any academic awards any time soon!