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It has been a very quiet few days around here, I have noticed a big presence missing. I have spent the past couple of days remembering my friend and going through photo’s and many memories but more importantly many, many laugh’s and giggles. I have not been dwelling on the past three weeks of his life but the many happy years we had together. The house seems a little emptier and my ” come in song ”  has had to change it’s no longer putting Justice’s name in the song, it use to start with him first then  Mylo, now it starts with Mylo, a change I too am struggling with. My dogs also feel the loss, I know this because my dogs never whine and that’s all they have been doing since Justice left, they are also looking for him everywhere, even at the dog park. They just know he is gone and no idea why it’s not like I can have a sit down chat with them, but each day it is getting that little bit easier. Today is a beautiful sunny day, I still have the rest of my dogs that are healthy and we are going to spend some time playing today to help ease their pain. I feel I am past the hard spot now and I feel I am ready to move on, not forget, but move forward. I thank God  every day that I have the job that I have because for me the best therapy for the loss of an animal is to surround yourself with lots of them. Today we have lots of fur friends here to ease our loss and help us to make new memories and fill our hearts today with plenty of laughs. I would also like to thank all of you for sending your kind words, thoughts, and prayers for us it means the world to us. We had no idea how much you guys all cared and took interest in our family and life, it was a pleasant surprise and brought tears to my eyes, again thank all of you! We are going to be okay and today is the first day of our new life. On the upside there is always a lost or needy puppy looking for their forever home, and we now have space to help a new friend when ever they come, if they come, they always come, hahahaahaha. With that said I am being barked at to come and join the game of catch out in the yard so good-bye, and again thanks to all who helped us through this.