So If anyone was wondering Who the dog on my logo is? This is Thistle, once upon a time when she was given up to me she was kinda prickly! Well if I’m completely honest she was kinda mean, she was not very friendly at all and really just would rather fight then be your friend! It’s been six months now that she has lived with me and she is the most loving dog I have met in a long time, she just wants to be near people and dogs all the time. It’s hard to believe that this face was once very hard and, well just not friendly at all. After all the hard work we put in to rehabilitating her I felt she had out grown her given name Thistle, she is no longer prickly and bad mannered she is kind, soft and gentle and because she is my only female I call her Misses, a name she worked hard for and very much deserves! So because she is proof positive that with patience and kindness, anything is possible I felt the best way to reward her hard work ( and mine ) I would use her as not only a success story but my logo, I will always be proud of the work we accomplished together every time I see my logo and I thought I would share her story with all of you who may have had a bad day today, or those of you who thought about maybe giving up! Don’t give up, stay strong and work hard and you too can have a Misses or Mr of your own and your own success story to share! I am proud of all you pack leaders out there and remember one day at a time, maybe one minute at a time but if you stick it out the rewards and unconditional love will come back ten fold!!