Why do you need me?


Hello everyone,

I would like to take this opportunity to spell out what we do and why we do it. We here at rrruffhouse.com get hundreds of emails and phone calls every month asking for help, people giving up dogs who can no longer care for them for various reasons like, financial situations, owners have passed away and left animals behind, they chose the wrong breed for their families, behavioural issues etc.

We also are contacted by various shelters and rescue centers either to help place or foster until a permanent place can be found, sometimes we are asked to do assessments before they place a dog in a home or help in training the dog before it gets placed to ensure a permanent home.

We on a regular basis donate services, food, collars, leashes, boarding, training sessions, advice etc. we do so many things behind the scenes that most people have no idea is being done, we do it simply because we can! We are not looking for pats on the back or praise, we do it because we can and sometimes it makes the difference in a dogs world whether it lives or dies.

I answer hundreds of people’s questions every day asking for advice on such things as; what to feed my new dog, what toys to buy, how to train, who is a good vet, what should I be doing, what should I not be doing, how much to feed, etc. etc. I have no issues answering these and many other questions. In fact I love helping people as often as I can.

I would like to let you know that on a regular basis I spend out of my own pocket every month over $500 helping people and animals. Sometimes I come out to their homes to help get them started with new puppies at no charge to them, sometimes I buy gentle leaders and exchange them for choke chains and prong collars so you can no longer use them on an animal at my own expense, I buy at least 5 extra bags of food every two weeks to help feed the dogs in homes that are having financial problems and cannot afford to feed their dogs because they have to feed children, me supplying a bag of food gives that dog a home so it doesn’t end up in a shelter or worse! I take dogs from people who just simply give up, and take them into my home, train them and provide any medical needs and then find them forever homes, all at my own expense. I often board dogs for military families while they are on deployment to ensure they have a family to come home too, again at my expense. We often rescue puppies who have no chance of survival and give them a chance at life. Sometimes I even have to put dogs down, which I try to never do but sometimes it simply has to be.

I volunteer my time and dogs to hospice, my dogs visit the dying who have no one, I have my own personal dogs who stay with elderly people for weekends to bring companionship which is how the paws 4 seniors program started. I have fund raisers every year to help my community shelters and foster homes, I donate my time and efforts to many, many businesses in our area to raise awareness of the crisis our animals are in and I do more than my part to help end the over population. I have an amazing vet who helps me by reducing prices on spays and neuters so we can get more dogs done before they have a chance to reproduce and make more puppies to be put into an already overcrowded world, this too, many times comes out of my own pocket!


Well it’s simple, if we are to continue to help you and your family and their dogs we need donations! We cannot continue to do all that we do without funding, it’s just that simple! I am not asking everyone to donate hundreds of dollars I know that is not possible for anyone, but we can all afford to give a TOONIE, give up a cup of coffee from Tims, pack a lunch one day a month, there are lots of ways to help and every bit helps. A toonie does nothing in reality, but if everyone donates a toonie they start to add up! Before you know we have the funding to help the next family, dog or maybe it will be you? Never say never! Although you think it could never happen to you, it can in a blink of an eye!

If you visit the top of my website rrruffhouse.com you will see a donate button or you can donate to the paws 4 seniors program on our go fund me page at https://www.gofundme.com/m82580 not one dime of donations goes to my personal dogs I have no reason to ask for help with them. I am asking for help with the dogs who are here looking for homes and the ones who are not here yet but we know will arrive. I am also asking to help all the senior dogs who will be put down from age discrimination because no one want to adopt an old dog. Please feel free to snoop around my website to see who we are and what we do!

This is just a very small part of what I do on a regular basis there is a bunch more but trust me it’s kinda boring! I do what I do because I can and I will continue too until I can no longer. I wish we lived in a world where I didn’t have to ask but I do! Please help me help them!

Thank you in advance.