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new puppy

new puppy 005

Right: Puppet
Left: New puppy












Today a baby white deaf boxer was welcomed in to rrruffhouse, she was surrendered from a family that could not meet the needs of this little deaf girl. She will require very specific training in order to keep her safe in our big world, just like our children she needs to learn to navigate in silence. For a dog this can be especially dangerous if not trained properly, she needs to learn to recognized the dangers of such things as the roads, water, ( we live on the water ) and other dogs. She will not understand some of the cues other dogs give in warning like growls, and barks she needs to learn to read other dogs by sight and smell, with a not so friendly dog this can get her hurt. This beautiful little girl has a long road ahead of her but for now is simply just settling in with a new family and a pack of dogs, and she is doing great! She is a very soft soul and playful and seems to have found a new best friend with our Puppet. She is a delight and Puppet seems to be guiding her where she needs to go, and when to come back. Puppet will be a good teacher and protector! Now we just need to find her a good name.