Happy 2023 to all you current and new dog owners! I am happy and proud to announce a brand new service to the rrruffhouse list of services. As of February we will be offering video calls available on Saturdays, this is a one hour video call option for those who do not really need training or are geographically too far for me to travel too. This one hour FaceTime call is $50 and needs to be booked at least one week prior to calls so I can set up times for everyone. Calls will be made or received between 11am-3pm every Saturday. The things we can discuss can be anything from diet, proper toys, basic walking, general obedience, basic behaviours, recommendations for vets, boarding, daycare etc. if you want to ask about it we will do our best to answer it!
please DO NOT ask medical questions or anything that a vet should be needed for, we will Not promote and medication natural or herbal such as CBD oils or like products if you think such things are needed I highly recommend seeing your vet. We will only entertain any and all aspects of training. If this is something that interests you and would like a one on one FaceTime chat please email me so I can get your contact info and set a date and time to call. Payment needs to be paid by email transfer before calls will be made or received. Please ensure your phone number and a general idea of what we will be talking about so I can be fully prepared for our chats.

Thank you all for using us in 2022 and I’m looking forward to meeting new people in 2023!