We are happy to announce that we are now a Canadian distributer of the Tick key, the last tool you will ever need to help in your defence in lime disease. The Tick key is 99% successful in removing ticks from you, dogs, cats horses anything that can get a tick. It removes the tick the first time and whole, no more leaving the heads behind. You can add it to your leash, dogs collar or your key chain this way you will always have it when you need it. No more rummaging through junk drawers looking for the little green tick twister that never works. The Tick key has been shown on the Dr. Oz show as a defensive tool for lime.

#rrruffhouse get your tick key here! They are 99% effective in removing the entire tick the first time! No more fussing, no more muss and no more heads left behind! Guaranteed! $20 taxes in, get them while they last and before you need it. Great Christmas gift for everyone who has a dog or works with dogs.