This is “Niner”. He is a 9 yr old, unaltered male tabby. Niner needs a SPECIAL HOME.
Niner is FREE to a GREAT home. Niner is FIV positive. This means that he can NOT be allowed to venture outdoors for ANY amount of time. FIV is transmitted by ‘bite wounds’, so he needs to go to a home that either has NO cats, or has a cat that is already FIV positive. His teeth hurt but he is not a good anesthetic candidate due to his illness. He is a sweet cat that doesn’t move around much, and basically needs palitive care. He won’t eat (only eats canned food) unless he is ‘stimulated’ meaning he needs to be touched. Petting him for a few minutes works well for him. He is currently staying at Coleman Veterinary Hospital. If anyone is interested in providing a caring home for a sweet old cat- Please contact Wally @613-968-9824.