So this is Daddy, I have spoken of him before. He is the dog I rescued last year that turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself! So we went for a car ride ( which he loves ) and realized that maybe the sun was bright on his eyes because he was winning a bit, unusual for Daddy so mt son decides to put on a $300 pair of Oakley’s!! yup I said $300! that’s another story for another day! So as I am telling my son to be careful that he doesn’t ruin his glasses, Daddy is feeling quite proud of himself decides to simply sit down and look out the window! Loved his new shades! Can you imagine what the cars passing by must have thought? Can’t imagine! probably thought what a weird family putting glasses on our dog, or thought OMG what an ugly kid they have!! Anyway my son thought he looked rather dapper in the glasses and let him wear them for the ride, and said nothings to good for my dog! Yup he’s wearing Oakley!! what’s next? A Tommy Hilfiger jacket? I don’t think so! Well we love him none the less, even with his designer taste!