little puppets play time 002

Okay so try to imagine this, as you all know we have a new puppy in the house that we are currently in the middle of potty training ( she is doing very well ). We also have an awesome three-year old boxer named Myloe who I have hand-picked to help me raise this new puppy. I have picked Myloe because as some of you may know he is very calm, quiet, tolerant, but mostly very particular. I have raised Myloe since he was five weeks old and I have yet to meet a more balanced boxer ever so this is why I chose him to help with the new puppy, so with that said on to my story. It’s Tuesday January 22 I was up at 7:45 am and I hit the floor running ( literally )  I run down stairs to get all my warm clothes on because I am headed outside for puppies first pee of the day, after that I let all the big boys out for a pee and while everyone is outside doing their thing I am getting all the breakfast bowls ready! So now everyone is in and eating breakfast so I think I will go have a quick shower before puppy needs to go back out for the after breakfast poop, so off I go and cross my fingers no accidents ( if my timing is right! ) So I rush and have a shower come out see there are no accidents and think okay, so put my warm clothes back on and now I bring Myloe and puppy out for a pee or poop, success puppy does both!! In we come and now I allow Myloe and puppy to go and have some free play time and Myloe can set out some ground rules! I think to myself ” puppy is busy playing, should have no accidents, yup I should be good for about 20 min ” so I will go and do some dishes, so off I go and turn my back on the play but keep my ears open in case I need to jump in! I am now at the sink and have about half my dishes done when I hear Myloe making a very weird noise so I stop what I am doing to go and check it out. As I come around the corner there is Myloe all backed into the corner by the door with a look of pure disgust!! I look into the living room to see that puppy had pooped on the floor! Well Myloe is now just beside himself and is looking at me as if to say ” you ARE going to get that right ” so I go to the kitchen to get paper towel and cleaner and poor Myloe is still in the corner looking at the puppy, looking at me, and looking at the cleaner! So I say to Myloe ” relax Myloe its just poop and it happens some times, you did it once too! ” well Myloe looked at me with amazement and I am not kidding!! dropped his head, and made a puke sound like I have never heard before!! no puke! just gagged!! we I started to laugh so hard I almost peed my pants! I continue to wipe up the poop and wash the floor while the entire time Myloe is gagging in the back ground with pure disgust!! Now the mess is all cleaned up and Myloe is out of the corner still looking at me with ” I can’t believe that happened ” and as I walk away Myloe follows me to the kitchen but not before pausing to remember where on the floor the poop was so he can walk around the spot!! Its been a couple of hours now since we washed the floors and picked up poop but Myloe is still walking around that area!!! OHHHH MYLOE!! I think I may have to evaluate my thoughts on Myloe raising this puppy he seems to be a little mellow dramatic!! Honestly Myloe will do just fine, and this is why I love him so!!!!!!