oliver 005


This is our newest inductee to our boot camp, His name is Oliver, and he is four years old and adopted from the humane society about four months ago! Oliver is in a great home but is having some issues on who is ” the boss ” Oliver has some aggression towards anyone who tries to make him do something he does not want to do such as walk, trim nails, come when called, the usual stuff as far as I am concerned. Oliver has three days of boot camp and this is day one! So far he has tried to bite when cutting his nails but because I didn’t stop the assignment he eventually just gave in with no real hassle. He did not want his nails cut but they got done anyway, now that he realizes that things are going to happen whether he wants them too or not we have a lot less growling and snarling. Oliver is actually a very delightful little dog who I feel is a little misunderstood and a bit socially awkward but doing very well in this environment so far. Looking forward to the adventure with him tomorrow! Thanks Oliver I love a good challenge, and that you are!!