couch 015

It’s Friday night my son has gone out for the weekend, I haven’t seen my husband for a few days due to work so we decided to have a sit down on the love seat together and try to watch TV.  Well that lasted about three seconds, before I knew it Puppet was up on the couch as if to say ” why is  HE up here? ”  as I giggle the next thing we know Misses gets up as if to say ” well if she is up here then so am I ” so if you don’t realize at this point how small our love seat is let me tell you, small!!  barely enough room for hubby and I never mind two dogs, well all of a sudden up comes Rory our day care dog, she has no idea what is going on but just knew she had to be a part of it! After laughing my ass off and a whole lot of bums in my face, I gave up! I got off the couch and left my poor husband alone to defend himself against the three puppies! I wish you could see what I see,  less than two minutes later three dogs sleeping soundly on the love seat snoring away, me at the computer and my hubby on the couch! Wow, not sure when I lost all control but somehow I did today, Oh well, happens to the best of us some days!
couch 014