Tobey sleeping on a blanket

Daddy & Junior showing Tobey the ropes

This is the newest member to join our boot camp, Tobey is a little white boxer with bounds of energy that just needed a little help with his manners! Tobey is the boxer with the brown on the  right side of his cute little face, he was having some issues with eating way too fast and charging the front doors when company came, I am proud to say that he is doing fantastic and now eats like a little gentleman and also has gone as far as sharing his food with others! He is also now sitting at the door when people come to visit but still cant wait to meet whom ever is coming in but now waits to be invited for greetings. As you can see Tobey has also been introduced to a gentle leader which he doesn’t like yet but has gone on many walks and is fantastic now, he doesn’t pull, or charge ahead he now stays within the pack and walks in a group! Way to go Tobey! Keep up the great job you’re doing fantastic! Tobey has three more days with us until we return him home to his owners, and we will miss him greatly he has joined our pack and has made great friends. Will keep you posted on all his achievements!