A client sent this to me and thought I would share,


Ponytail Palm

Thought I would write a little note to you as I know you are always looking for the “lesson learned” that can be shared.
As you know I am very cautious with my dogs. I make sure that they are as safe as possible and I make sure I am aware of their surroundings being as safe as possible.  This includes the house plants I keep. I have always looked up plants before I purchase them to make sure they are not poisonous to my dogs, inside and out. This being said I had a bad experience today. I have a plant called a Ponytail Palm. Non toxic, had it for months. Well today Mya decided to nibble the end off one of the leaves, I scolded her and removed it. Too late though!! The one thing I didn’t think of, and should have when I purchases said pretty plant is that the leaves of the palm are long, thin and stiff. When Mya swallowed the little piece she got it scratched her throat, causes a lot of distress for her, she started gulping and licking her lips and threw up her dinner. She was in enough distress she peed uncontrollably as well! I rushed her to the vet, of course this has to happen on a Sunday when the regular vet office is closed, so off to the emergency vet office I went with her and she has had to be given meds to coat her throat and stomach and will be on soft food for a couple of days until her throat has healed. I also have to watch that she doesn’t gulp a lot because apparently that can cause bloat.
So…lesson learned, not only should I have watched to make sure the plant was non toxic I should also have considered the type of leaf the plant has as well. Had I done so, I would not have had poor Mya in such distress, never mind the bill to make her feel better.

I wanted to share this with you so you could let others know so this doesn’t happen to any other poor dog out there.

Thanks so much Grace,