Yesterday Junior had a play day with his buddy Ghost at his house. This was Juniors first time ever being away from home and with out me, I thought he would have missed me a lot more than I thought I was going to miss him! Well I couldn’t have been more wrong! I picked him up after being away for 12 hours expecting the ” hi mum” or the jumping and licking to see me! NOPE! He didn’t even care I had come to pick him up, he ignored me and went and sat with gramma. I asked what happened while he was on this play day wondering why he didn’t miss me to find out, he played both in and out all day, chased Ghost from one end to another, watched T.V with gramma, told Ghost off a time or two, but the best one was, he had a home cooked meal for dinner!! Home cooked! no wonder I wasn’t missed! Ya I make dog food, but not a home cooked meal! LOL!! So it has been decided that gramma and sherry will be getting ALL of my dogs if anything happens to me! Thanks you two for spoiling my dog he had an awesome day and looks forward to a return visit! P.S I like home cooked meals too!!!