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Our little hitch hiker

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I get a call last night around 8:30 pm or so from a friend of mine quite distraught, I asked her what was wrong? She says ” Grace!! you wont believe what I just saw!” Of coarse I asked” what?” The story I got next was horrific, something out of a Steven King novel. She was driving to pick up her children when the car in front of her all of a sudden starting throwing stuff out of the window, she started to swerve to not hit the flying objects, She was horrified to see that what was being thrown from the moving car was not garbage!!, it was two puppies!!! She pulled over on the side of the road in a state of shock and panic, still not wanting to believe that what she just saw was real. As she moves closer, her fears are realized! It was two puppies thrown from a fast moving car. I am sad to report that the first puppy thrown from the car was a male about 5-6 weeks old did not survive. My friend picks him up and puts him in her car so not to be run over by the passing cars. The second little puppy is a girl, same age and she is still alive, relieved and fearing the worse she rushes both puppies to the nearest vets office. The vet confirms that the little male is indeed gone and the remarkably the little girl is fine! Not a scratch on her! Amazing or what? Well my friend now has taking this little girl home to her house for the night to have some cuddles from her ordeal. Let me just say this friend of mine has a huge dog about 220 pounds or so, called Guinness. She walks in the door to her home, blood all over her what was white sweatshirt to explain to her husband and other child what has happened. Sh puts this little puppy down and off she goes to cuddle up to the big guy, Guinness! I have to tell you that this little girl is the size of Guinness’s ear. Guinness see this little thing running towards him, he falls to the floor as low as he can possibly go and welcomes her in to his house with a big smooch and a warm cuddle, no questions asked!

I would like to add the because of the concern of the puppies thrown from the moving car, she did not get a license plate number! I am writing this to you, whom ever you are???

You no good piece of shit! We have the make, model and color of your car, a report has been made! When and if they find you, be happy they do and not us, we would not be as kind to you as the police will be! You are disgusting humans!

I know I have said this a million times before, but I am going to say it again! This is why I have lost faith in humanity! This is why I have faith in animals, Guinness a so called “animal” showed more compassion in three minutes then most humans do all day!! If not for people like my friend, and a very short list of a few friends my faith in humanity would be totally lost!!!!! I would like to personally thank my friend, and others like her for simply just being them! Animal lovers! Together we will do this one day at a time, one moment at a time, one dog at a time, but he will get them all eventually! I personally am taking steps to move forward in my world so this never has to happen again! I am opening a no kill, no questions asked shelter!! 2014 for us will be the year of the dog!! The rescue dogs!!!

Thanks again Ashleigh and Guinness!