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Little Puppet

Well this is day FIVE of our potty training, so far so good! The first two days were brutal in that she would not, I mean refused to pee or poop outside and we were standing out in the cold for a very, very long time. Some times we were in the cold for almost two hours, but we DID NOT come in until we had a pee or poop! I m glad to say our freezing cold efforts did pay off! Now we go out for a pee and she pee’s in less than one minute every time!! Hooray!! With that said we also changed her food two days ago from Purina Puppy Chow ( yuck ) to the Acana large breed puppy, which by the way is a n awesome food and she is loving it! We did have two accidents in the house ( poop ) during the transition from old food to new food! I wouldn’t give us a fail on that because it’s hard to potty train and transition food at the same time, but I did anyway! So to sum up our potty training, five days, two accidents ( both in the same day ) and I am proud to say ” She did it! ” now she is even asking 50% of the time  to go out!  We are not perfect yet but we’ re still working on it but I am proud non the less!!