puppet 005

Well we are coming on two weeks of Puppet being in our home and I am very happy to report she is doing wonderful,she has turned out to be a very calm, quiet and very social little girl. We have had two dogs in for boarding and they are all getting along very well. We have taken Puppet every where we have gone for the past two weeks to expose her to everything, people, places, dogs and even my friends 9 month old baby and Puppet is very respectful every where she goes and I am pleased to say she is awesome with the baby too, doesn’t nip, bite or even bark other than to signal she wants to play or go out for a pee. Puppet is about 95% potty trained and is now sitting at the door when needs to go out and if there is an accident it’s because I didn’t get to her in time, so my bad there! I have to thank the people who bring  these dogs and puppies into my life because they teach me something new almost everyday and remind me to be patient. I always tell people, you may not get the dog you want, but you will always get the dog you need. Apparently we needed a new baby! Well I hope all you dog lovers out there have a good week and keep up the good work with your own puppies and dogs, remember to be kind and loving and you will be paid back ten times over, our dogs are the essence of unconditional love and deserve the very best we can give.