Just a quick little update on Abby-Rose, when she arrived she was a very shy and unstable little girl who would bite you rather than be your friend. Abby didn’t like to be near other dogs (she would bite) didn’t want to be brushed (she would bite) could not touch her feet (she would bite) absolutely could not cut her nails (she would bite) do you see a pattern? Well Abby has been here now four days and I am very proud to say we can touch her feet, got the back nails cut, not the front yet, she loves to be in with all the dogs, and she now likes to be brushed! We still need to work on a few things and still attempt to cut her front nails (she does not like that) we will try later today. I am very proud of little miss Abby she has come such a long way in a short time, still has some hills to climb but we will get there!