Rusty the guard dog 008 Rusty the guard dog 009


So where do I start as not to bore you? Well as many of you know that my big dog Daddy just over a week ago broke his back leg and has had surgery, well what you may not know is he is NOT allowed to walk too much for seven months ( UGH! ) so he is kinda depressed because his friends are out playing and he is not. Some of you may also know that we have a new boot camp dog in named Rusty, he is a Yorkie mix and a very friendly little guy and is about 10 pounds soaking wet ( if that? ) He has warmed our hearts here like no other dog, he goes into the yard with all the dogs ( almost 1000 pounds collectively ) and does not even flinch, he loves being down there getting to run and play. Rusty has never experienced this kind of dog yard ever before but acts like he grew up here! Last night Rusty did not want to go back out into the yard to play or pee and I didn’t know why, I thought it was a bit strange because he had been down there all day and loved it! In fact didn’t want to come in when called. Also the night before last, Rusty’s first night here he slept in his crate with his bed and blanket and we didn’t hear a peep out of him, but this morning he was crying in his crate so I looked in at him and thought maybe he needs to pee, so out we went. Nope! that wasn’t it either??? By this point Daddy was whimpering as well so I also took him to pee, nope! that was not what he wanted. I was tired and confused by this point so I brought Rusty out of the crate to come lay with me, Nope! He didn’t want me at all, ( strange because he follows me everywhere ) so I put him down on the floor. Rusty went straight to Daddy to see why he was whimpering, Daddy stopped!!! So did Rusty!! Well I was so impressed with little Rusty that I actually had a tear in my eye because he went and soothed Daddy in one minute and I have been trying and failing for seven days!!!!


So it has been several hours now that neither dog has been upset, Rusty does not want to go out and play today, he feels his job is to be Daddy’s body guard and new BFF!! they are inseparable today where ever Daddy lays down,  Rusty is right there. Rusty is the first dog Daddy has let near him since surgery, also Rusty has been washing Daddy’s face and ears and Daddy didn’t eat him!!!!!! That is a huge plus! I am not a religious person by any means, but I am I guess you could say……. spiritual, I don’t always under stand why things happen , but always know there is a reason whether I under stand that reason or not? Rusty was kind of a last minute boot camp dog, and I was really wondering if I should take him in so soon after Daddy’s surgery? I did for some reason, and felt good about bringing him in too. Maybe Rusty is here to make Daddy’s recovery this little bit easier?? Daddy is happy today, and has not been in over a week! Yes Rusty is in boot camp and learning all kinds of good things that he will be able to take home, but Rusty has taught me a thing or two as well. I always say ” it takes a good dog to teach another dog ”  well it took Rusty to teach this old dog ( me ) that sometimes I am not the fixer of all things, and although I was doing my best to make Daddy happy, I just wasn’t. It took this little dog, who is not part of his pack to put a smile on his face! Yup!! It took a dog to show me that it really does take a dog to teach another dog or simply, make him happy. Dogs never stop amazing me!! I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!!  Thanks Rusty!!