Okay so after almost a year of my website being up and operational, I have revamped it and tried to make it a little more user friendly. Also my section on rates have changed, not the pricing but the services that I am now offering and the way they are being offered, I have now added the ability to save you some money by purchasing multiple session, you still can have private lessons with me on a “come when called”  basis but I now offer 4 and 6 week sessions. If you book  a 4 or 6 week coarse you now get a discount,  but you have to book and prepay in advance in order to get the savings. I would also like to draw your attention to the new section called guest book where I am encouraging all of  you   to write in the  ” book ” feel free to write and share anything you feel would be helpful or encouraging to those visiting for the first time. Share tips, stories, news or even a good joke, I want to read it all.  I would like to thank all of you who have made my last year successful and look forward to meeting any new clients. Together we will create well mannered dogs and family pets one dog at a time. Thank you all for your time, effort and commitment both to me and your dogs.