sherry 010

Meet Sherry, our newest staff member!! Welcome aboard

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a new staff member to the rrruffhouse family! I have been working with this lady and her family for about a year now and she has become a valuable asset to our team. She was once one of my hardest students and once upon a time thought she was going to be the ” one ” case that was going to end my career as a dog trainer. I actually nick named her my ” BUT ” girl. Every time I would ask her to do something or asked why she had done what she had done there was always an excuse that started with the word BUT! After many, many months of me telling her that if she didn’t have a reality check the one thing she feared the most was going to happen, six months later it did! Her and I sat down and had a very honest heart tot heart where I explained that how she was treating her dog was going to bite her in the ass and now that it had we needed to try something different, MY WAY!  No longer was I going to allow her to give the BUT excuse, she was no longer going to treat her dog like a human being, and she was to put down and enforce some rules, boundaries and limitations, and she did! Not only did she finally understand what I had been telling her for almost a year, but now she understood why it was so important to do things my way. I am proud to say she has stuck to the rules and she has been firm with all the visitors entering the house and ensuring that they also were to follow the ” NEW TRAINING ” and she has been incredibly successful and I have seen such improvement with her, and how she handles a pack of dogs that I have now hired her for my Monday daycare days! So welcome aboard Sherry, hope you can handle it here ( I know you can ) and be careful what you ask for!! LOL