rufuss 010

Well here is our boy! He is here for ten days while his new owners go for vacation, He was a bit nervous when he first arrived but in less than a minute after he gave us a good smell he remembered right away that he was home! Kinda, were just his vacation home lol! He is in like a dirty shirt, him and Misses had lots of kisses for one another and Puppet of course welcomed him with open mouth and lots of kisses whether he wanted them or not. He and Puppet are new-found friends, and where ever he goes Puppet is sure to follow. It is wonderful having him back even if it is only for ten days, it will be an awesome ten days that’s for sure, he doesn’t know it yet but he is royalty in my home and there is a list of people wanting to come and see him, you guys know who you are and our doors are open for visitation when ever you like. Welcome aboard!