This is my best buddy in the world, Justice. He is our Rottweiler and we have had him since he was a five-week old pup. This boy has never given me a moments grief and for the most part is the perfect dog, I could never have asked for a better dog nor did I ever think we would get a dog as well as this guy. We are taking him to the vets tomorrow to find out if he is as sick as we think he is. In the past three weeks he has lost so much weight that we can see his ribs and spine and he is unable to keep any food down. I am very afraid they are going to tell me he has a cancer of sort as this breed is prone to it. With that said it doesn’t make this day any better for me and my family, I am spending the day making my Justice as comfortable as possible and giving him the best day possible in case they tell me these will be his final days. As prepared as you think you are for this day, and you know when you get a puppy that this is ultimately the end result it doesn’t make it any easier. Justice is my best friend, great companion, and all round awesome boy. I will cherish these last few days with him.