This is the second pard of the scam email of Kijiji pups, I answered the ad with false info, If they were legit they should never have approved me, here below is what they sent back to me;


Hi,    Grace Bryson
We are impressed and happy you got back for the puppy and at this
moment we see you will provide all we need for the baby.
we shall be sending to you the male puppy Max
When I read through your mail,  I felt like we have found a home
already for the  puppy .we are currently in Regina Sk,we made these
post in another city so we could give them out fast for adoption
We work out here so much that there is little or no time to care for
the puppy.  they are so lonely that we thought it wise to get  them a
new home.  So we are glad you are willing to give them just that home.
Our main concern is that you give the puppy the attention and care
for their needs.. You will be getting the  puppy by  today  if we
can sort out everything now.and all you are paying is the delivery fee
to your location and you are making the payment to the delivery agency
,We are not out to make money from them since they where just like our
own children and has been our perfect companion, our main concern is
to give them the best they ever want..
The  puppy will come with CKC registration papers, vet certificate, a
one year health guarantee against  puppy disease, started on potty
training, a pedigree, up-to-date shots, crate,puppy  care package
(this includes food, training treats, a toy, and puppy pads)well
socialized and spoiled rotten. All shots and worming are up to date.
we will equally need some information from you to prepare the  puppy
for Home delivery to your location OK .How ever, to
proceed with this, you are requested to email us with your full
delivery information that we shall be using to registered the male
puppy for shipment to your address and this details include,

Your Full names???
Your State????
Your City?????
Your House Address???
Phone # ?????
Closest Airport To you????
Postal Code????

So email us the following information we have asked from you.we will
use the information for the shipping o.k.So flight to you will take
approximately 7 hours as soon as we are complete …
As soon as we have these, I will immediately work on the adoption
process and then go make arrangements for the shipping with the next
flight to your designated location. they have all their papers so it
is not a process.Upon arrival,you will be called by the delivery agent
to make sure you are home so that he can hand over the baby to you in
person. they will be delivered to you at your home. So get back to us
soon with all the
data required for the shipping so that we can start making all
necessary arrangements.

All you are requested to pay is $150 for the male puppy Max
money is to be used for the following;
$50= pets traveling crate for Max
$100 = To activate the flight ticket of Max
Giving a total of $150*

The puppy  will be delivered at your door stairs so you don’t have to
go and pick the up at the agency. Hope to read from you soonest with
the above details.
Note: Please this details are very important and will be highly needed
from you as soon as possible. We shall copy this detail out and take
the  puppy to the delivery company and registered the  puppy  and also
this are the same details we have to replace in the  puppy  OWNERSHIP
Documents to proof that you are the new owner.
Waiting to read again from you as soon as you can
best regards