As many of  my readers know I am always looking on animal sites to spot dangers, missing animals, animals for sale or adopt. Recently I have been finding a lot of desirable dogs up for ” adoption ” unfortunately these animals do not exist! They are people in other countries like the US saying they are in Canada and need the dog gone ASAP for one reason or another! I just today found one of these sites right here in our own neighbourhood!

Here is the kijiji ad I researched! Total scam please do not send money, if you get an email response from this email she is the scammer DO NOT SEND MONEY!

avaliable male and female bulldog puppies for adoption.they are just so cute 12 weeks old very itteligent and are ready to go now.for more information about them contact me now
This very ad has since been removed but before it was removed I found it and did some research, the IP address linked to this email address was in Kenya! The pictures of their so-called puppies came up on 69 websites, puppies are not in their possession like she says they are!. She will respond to her email with  the email below. The email address if fake, she is asking for a deposit to hold your puppy which she doesn’t have! Please stop answering Kijiji ads for puppies, as not all are scammers some are! Would you be able to spot the difference? I did! Please if your going to answer online ads for animals please do all the research you can before sending money, actually meet the animals, don’t fall for a sad story, that’s what they are praying on, everyone wants to be the hero and save the animal in distress! make sure their story checks out, do your research. Please do not fall victim to these scammers, there are hundreds of them on the ” for sale ” websites. Please be aware and do your research before you purchase! Below is the actual email sent from the scammer to me, which allowed me to track it down.
Hello, Friend
Thanks for the mail and your interest towards our French Bulldog puppies ,
(Max) the male and (Nina) the female . They are still available
to any family prepare to provide them with enough care and love,
where they will be well spoiled with all their need. Max is male while Nina
is a Female, All of them are 12weeks old. They are champion
bloodline, registered CKC, vet check, updated in all shots.
Well-tamed and potty trained, good associate of
kids and other house hold pets also very Energetic and eager to learn.
They are intelligent, independent and courageous. Quick to determine
where they fits in a household’s “pack.”  Good companionship and
friendly to wards new people..

To begin we shall like to know more about you..
-Are you a breeder?
-Are you familiar with French Bulldog puppies?
-Do you have kids?
-Do you have a Vet Doctor?
-How Old are You?
-What is your occupation?
-Give us a Brief Description about your Environment?
-Were exactly are you located?
-Do you need one or two puppies?

Sorry for all this Questions (we mean not to offend you) but just that
we really need a loving and caring home for this puppies.What makes us
willing to give out the puppies up for adoption this is so because my
present job schedule does not permit me to take care of the puppies,
so I want you to take a look, make selection before we proceed in
making arrangements for you to meet these babies and probably take
home one of them.We are not out to make money from them since they
where just like our own children and has been our perfect companion,
our main concern is to give them the best they ever want.. all we will
like to here from you is to Promise us that you would shower them with
lots of TLC .And we would never like that our babies should end up in
a shelter or rescue.., feel free to mail us. If you are willing to get
them, please e-mail ASAP so that we shall stop all other contacts .If
you have any more questions to ask we will answer you truthfully and