As you all know this was a wicked snow day all across Ontario, because is was so cold outside not one of my dogs wanted to be outside more then five minutes, just long enough for a pee and then right back in to the comfort of the warm house and didn’t blame then one bit! I actually thought I would be nice and shovelled the drive way ( I only do this once a calendar year ) and while I was outside all the dogs just sat at the door and watched me. I had almost the entire driveway done when of coarse the damn snowplow came down the street and yup he did, he dumped the entire roads snow from two blocks away all over the drive way that I just finished shovelling. I was so pissed and in that very moment I wanted to either cry or throw myself down on the drive in the biggest temper tantrum you would have ever seen, but I decided to scream and throw down the shovel and do what any good woman would, I gave up! Yup I quit and went in the house and went upstairs and woke up my husband and said the rest was for him. Well because I was so damn mad and tired I decided rather then be pissy I would play with the dogs, this always cheers me up no matter how bad of a day I’m having, as I walk through the house I am looking for something to do with the dogs and I came across an old bandana for the dogs so I decided to play dress up with the dogs but they were having no part of any clothes I thought about putting them in. Well I was determined to do one of the dogs so I chose Myloe my boxer who will do anything I ask and this was the end result! I bet they hope I never get this bored again on a snow day!