I don’t know why but I am still amazed by the humans ability to pass off their own poor judgement on to their dogs as bad or unwanted behaviour, dogs much like our children are not born bad, they are created by the environment in which they are raised. When we raise our dogs with anger and hostility, we get aggressive dogs, if we raise them with instability, we get fearful and unstable dogs. So why is it when the dog is a direct reflection of us as humans we don’t seem to see what we created? It’s seems to be easier to pass of our imperfections on to our dogs and place blame on the innocent. I think instead of taking our dogs inventory, we should take a long hard look at who or what we point our fingers at, our dogs are a direct result of who and what we are, so instead of blaming our dogs I think we need to take ownership of what we have directly or indirectly created, after all they don’t get rid of us at the first sign of trouble! They love us unconditionally, why can’t we do the same? If we raise our dogs with kindness, patients, love and commitment to do our very best, our dogs pay us back ten times over and ask for nothing in return, a dogs love and devotion is just that, love in its purest form!