sookie and misses 021

So these are the events of this morning! first I would like to mention we are on day three of Sookies potty training with no accidents so far, now that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been hard cause it has been and here is why. First thing this morning she goes out for her pee and poop and all is good, then she comes in and eats and plays like a maniac! so tradition states that after a puppy eats and plays it must go outside and pee, so off we go! My husband came home from work this morning so because he is still dressed he says ” relax I got this one! ” so I say ” okay ” we like I have told many of you, you stay out side for as long as it takes, well my poor tired husband was outside on the lawn with this very stubborn little girl for 1.5 hours!! Yup and hour and a half!! that what it took to wait her out! So she has been sleeping ever since so I will let you know how long the next one takes!!


Okay so on to the events of this morning, I am vacuuming the floors so my first mistake is I am not watching Sookie! Well as I am in the back room I don’t realize that not only her but Misses as well are both on the cloth couch! This is a very big NO! Well as I come around the corner I see all my couch cushions and pillows on the floor, nothing chewed or wrecked but non the less they were on the floor. Well as I was trying not to giggle ( it was kinda funny ) I came out with a very stern “NO ” and then put them both on the mat for a time out and this is what was looking at me while I finished my vacuuming!!