I feel the need to explain this video, Last year we got Misses she was a rescue dog that my husband fell in love with and decided we were going to keep her. Misses was with us for about a week when she accidentally dropped one of her kibbles from her food dish down the cold air return vent that is in our living room, The kibble when dropped down the vent made a very tiny PING sound when it hit the bottom. Well this tiny PING sound apparently scared the hell out of her and now every time she hears a sound that she does not understand or know where it comes from she goes to the vent. For example we do not have a door bell but she heard one on the TV so she went and looked down the vent, a bird chirping she looks in the vent, Christmas song ring tone on my phone, she looks down the vent. Last night my friend and I were playing with our phones and I was showing her this stupid app on my phone that sounds like a chimpanzee and when I played it for my friend, yup misses went and looked down the vent, well this started the two of us laughing so hard we had tears and of course I have told people who Misses has a weird vent thing but this was the first time I had a witness. Deb my friend starting making all these noises and killed herself while Misses screamed at the vent and of course the person I am I recorded the entire thing.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fC36sdI5-Io&w=560&h=315]