I am happy to announce that on May 31 2014 rrruffhouse will be sponsoring the Cancer Societies fund-raiser with a walk a thon ” strutts for mutts ” I have not decided on a location as of yet but I am currently searching for an ideal spot. I will be posting the official site below, we are looking for your help in any way! You can sign up on-line to donate, you can print of sponsor sheets and raise money for the Strutts for Mutts walk or you can simply drop off your donation here at rrruffhouse. All I ask is that you help out in any way you can, no amount is too small, every dollar counts! If you would like to donate on-line follow the link below, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see rrruffhouse, click on me and follow the directions from there! Here is the link;


If you have suggestions on where to do our walk please send them along, if you would like to help us out with any of the preparation, again let us know!  I will be updating this post on a regular basis and as soon as we have a designated spot for our walk, I will be posting it. Thank you all in advance, we spend a lot of time helping the animals, now its time to help out the people who are helping our animals we’re a team neither side will succeed with out the other! Come and help us out any way you can!!!!