Bailey is a 9 month old labradoodle that was raised in a very loving home with a yorkie named Lilly AKA Frank, lol. Lilly was the first dog in the home and was a very well balanced adult by the time Bailey was brought home, Holly and Ernie started puppy training right away to ensure they had a good dog and not have a repeat of another dog that was aggressive. Bailey did amazing and she was a very smart and kind dog that loved everyone and everything. This spring Ernie and Holly went on vacation and had family watch Bailey, because Bailey had no issues that were present she went to a home with two other small dogs to keep her company. While Bailey was with family she had started to show some signs of aggression and actually bit one of the small dogs on the head and also started to growl at people passing by, which she had never done before. When Holly and Ernie arrived home and heard about Baileys’ issues they were concerned but not fearful, then when Bailey arrived home she started to be aggressive with her house mate Lilly, this was very unusual as Bailey has been raised with Lilly and had NEVER shown any aggression to Lilly but was now wanting no part of Lilly. Holly being very concerned called me right away, the very night they arrived home as they did not want to wait until Lilly or someone got hurt.

I went for a home visit the very next day and I had seen a very big issue starting to creep in, as did Ernie and Holly. After a bit of a discussion all three of us had decided that it was off to boot camp for Bailey to stop the aggression before it could go any further, I brought Bailey in later that day. Bailey had a few hard days as she was no longer the big dog and quickly realized her behaviour was not going to get her very far, we had some growling, nipping and even a bit of a dog fight with one of the smaller dogs ( Pacco ) but again quickly learned this was not going to end well for her. Holly had already voiced concern if they couldn’t trust Bailey that she would have to find a new home, this was all the motivation I needed to work even harder to keep this family together.

Bailey after ten days in Bootcamp was finally the nice puppy she once was, she was now playing with everyone and was no longer trying to control or run my pack, she just wanted to play. Bailey went home and is still very much apart of the family and is no longer being a bully to Lilly. To read more of her story from her owners point please read it under the reviews!  I am so happy Bailey and the entire family are continuing to do great work. Thank you Holly and Ernie for allowing me to part of this successful journey!