20130709-105926.jpgCongratulations Bailey,

Bailey has had a complete turn around, Bailey came to boot camp with a few issues such as barking, jumping, attacking the vacuum, barks at the salad spinner and much, much more. Bailey finished a mini boot camp as he was here five days and what a remarkable change in just his five days. He is a very tiny Yorkie but his personality is equal to a 200 pond dog, he is very charming and lovable and really just a sweet heart. Bailey was a little challenging at times and put up quite the fight but simplicity and consistency prevailed. Bailey is no longer barking to hear his own voice, he now just lets out a quick bark to inform me of the intruders he hears, lol. He no longer goes after the vacuum, and you are now safe to make a salad for lunch, he has learned not to bark at kids, bikes, cars or simply anything else that moves. Bailey also had some food aggression, this too is no more. Bailey has done a great job and is a happy and balanced little dog. I would like to thank all the people who helped in Bailey’s recovery, you are a great bunch and could not do it with out your support. Bailey is now back at home and doing very well, he is still working on a few things but you can’t build Rome in a day! Keep up the great work and you will have great success. Thanks everyone.