Our dog Bailey is a one year old Havanese and we acquired him when he was 16 weeks old.  Bailey was 5 months old when he met Grace.   We really needed assistance teaching our little dog basic commands and socialization.   At home he was very active, however, very timid in public and at his first class would not even come out from under my chair.
Now , at one year old, it is hard to believe Bailey is the same dog.  It is amazing what Grace has accomplished.  We were extremely impressed with the results.  Bailey is now a very well-behaved Havanese who obeys commands and loves to meet other animals of all sizes and also new people.   Grace is a true professional with a special “connection” with dogs.  While she is strict during training sessions, she also has a fun and loving side with her four-legged pupils.  Bailey loved going to “puppy school”, and now, even if he does not see her for several months, he is overjoyed if we happen to meet her and races to get to her.  We  humans also learned a great deal from Grace and we use her instructions every day as we continue to reinforce Bailey’s training.  Thanks Grace, we could not have done it without you!