Tucker has successfully completed Boot Camp.  Now, we – the humans – are the ones in Boot Camp!!  Grace gave Tucker the training he needed to be a well behaved dog.  Now, she is providing us with the tools and training we need to continue with her good work.  You may remember Tucker is a rescue Golden Doodle.  He is 1.5 yrs old and we have had him for 6 months.  We welcomed him into our home and he promptly took over and ruled us  – he would just stand and bark, take off in the woods and come back when he felt like it, not walk on a leash, bark at other dogs, jump up on us and use his teeth on us.  After Boot Camp, Tucker was returned to us with some manners and a better understanding of what is expected of him.  He now knows the hierarchy in our house – Top Dog is Mum – then Dad – then Tucker.  As long as we continue with Grace’s advice and teachings, Tucker will continue to grow and be a great member of our family.  We couldn’t have done it without Grace and Boot Camp.  We are forever grateful for Grace and her team – both human and canine.  The Barkers


Kathryn Barker, C.I.P.

ADR Unit

Allstate/Pembridge/Pafco Insurance Company