Hi Grace,



I just wanted to let you know how we are doing! We are so glad that Chloe came to

spend 10 days with you at boot camp! Chloe is doing fantastic! She is such a pleasure to

have around, her training has made the world of difference in our lives. Our house is now

a much calmer and more structured place for both of our dogs. Chloe’s training is even

rubbing off on our other dog Ruckus.

We had originally hoped that Chloe would be able to be a service dog for our son Aidan,

but as you told us, and we have realized, although we think she will be a great helper dog

for Aidan, she is way too much of a pet to go into full service dog mode. Never the less,

she has become a great support for him and her calmer demeaner and the fact that she

actually listens has already shown us that there is great potential for more with her.

The only “problems” we have run into are when we the humans don’t use the proper

commands or forget to provide the structure that is needed. We are the ones who are

still a work in the making!! We are so grateful for all the work you have done and the

guidance you have given us. Now its our turn to do the “work” and enjoy our newly

found peace!

We have your list of commands on the back of our front door as a reminder when we step

out of line!

Thank you!!

Susan, Ken, Liam, Sydney and especially Aidan