The other day I took my pup into a store.  While I was paying for my purchases, I directed her to sit and stay.  People kept coming up, wanting to pat her and talk to her, but she didn’t budge.  When I told her admirers she was only nine months old, they were astounded she was so well-behaved.  I had to admit that she was a good girl because she’d gone to puppy classes and had just the best trainer.  Grace is Belleville’s answer to the dog whisperer.  She has that special something that dogs respond to.  While Grace can’t give you her “magic”, she sure knows how to give you the skills to manage your dog.  But Grace is no pussy cat.  She believes there are no bad dogs, just bad owners.  She trains you, not your dog.  And she expects you to do your homework.  If you’re not up for that, you’re not up for Grace.  I’m so well-trained now, I practically sit up and beg.  My dog definitely does.  Grace is a wizard.  I give her A++.