This is my dog Daddy.  He came to me about a year ago from a gentleman who had no idea on how to raise a gladiator.  Daddy came from a home where he ruled the roost and did so quite proudly.  His old owner brought him to me to see if he had dog aggression.  I asked “what made you think he does?”  His old owner replied “he killed a golden retriever that lives next door to me”.  I said he already told you he does.  He told you that himself.  His old owner was in disbelief and thought it was just an issue between him and the other dog.  I brought this beautiful boy into my yard where there were six other dogs and we had no issues.  Ten minutes later the owner came into my yard and as soon as he saw his owner he started a fight.  I told his owner that this dog was a very powerful breed and required a very assertive owner.  I told him I could help and this is what it would cost and what kind of commitment would be required of him.  He took this dog home and never called to book an appointment.  Approximately six weeks later this man came to my door and had explained to me that this dog had bitten him and he was now fearful of this dog and felt he could no longer own him.  I agreed to take this dog into my boot camp where he was taught obedience, structure, kindness, tolerance and respect.  This boy is now a permanent fixture in my home where he is now one of the kindest and gentlest dogs I have come to know.  This dog now is my right hand man and accompanies me on many training calls where there is aggression issues.  I use him as a positive reinforcement to show owners that with the right training and patience anything is possible.  I am very proud to say he has helped many many dogs go from aggressive to respectful dogs.  Not only does he help the dogs but he helps the humans involved as well.  I would like to thank his previous owner for giving me this gift of not a dog that I wanted but I dog that I needed.  I am very grateful every day that I have his happy face to wake up to.  Daddy you’re the best!