Scooby was a three month old German Sheppard that was a typical puppy, he was loud and always back talking to let everyone know he was not happy or wanted to play even though it was midnight. Scooby also would pee when ever he got excited or was overwhelmed when someone approached him, he would not come when called and was horrible to take for walks and had no socialization with other dogs. Scooby came to Bootcamp to give his owner a bit of a break and to get a very intense training program. Almost right away Scooby was introduced to the pack of dogs and got along beautifully, he made friends with a four month old golden retriever and in play learned to come when called. Scooby learned quickly that excessive barking would not be tolerated and the pack quickly taught him to be quiet. I taught Scooby to walk with a gentleleader and after three short days he had it mastered, Scooby had finally turned into the great dog we knew he could be. Scooby passed boot camp and went home to a very proud owner, Ken was shocked at how well we had become the dog he knew he could be. Thank you to Ken and Scooby for allowing me to be part of your adventure.