WIN_20150529_095001 This Is Timber he is a 5 pound Yorkie that was brought into Bootcamp for some issue he was having with his brother and litter mate, his brother could be at times quite aggressive towards Timber. After several months of this Timber started to display some insecurity issues and became very fearful and timid. His owner brought both dogs in for boot camp but decided she could only handle one, although Timber was left with us and is now up for adoption he is still very much a success story. Timber is still a bit shy but very outgoing, he now comes when called, like other dogs, big dogs and is no longer afraid of the world. He is a very kind loving little guy! He has come leaps and bounds and is a very calm dog now, he has worked very hard on his neediness and is no longer a yappy dog, not that he really was to begin with. Congratulations to little Timber for showing us with patience and love anything can happen.