Well boot camp is over for Mya, she has become a full time dog in the rrruffhouse house family and has been renamed Friday! I am sure your asking why the name Friday? well in the past few months everything positive that has happened to this dog has happened on a Friday, plus it makes me giggle and it suits her! Although she has finished her original boot camp she has now entered into a totally different type of training Friday is learning how to live in a pack, she is learning how to be a dog and function in a group setting. Friday is doing amazing, she knows her new name and come when called. Friday’s original owner is still very much apart of her life and visits often. Friday was not given up because she wasn’t loved, actually just the opposite she was surrendered out of the purest form of love! Her previous owner loved the bones of her but realized she was not what Friday needed and couldn’t provide on a daily basis what she needed and because of that we were granted the pleasure of getting to love Friday full time! Friday will be apart of our family forever and so will her old owner. Friday now has a very large family that loves her and wants the very best for her, she has many new friends, new rules but most of all a new life where she will be safe and succeed! I would personally like to thank Ali for letting Friday live with us and I am happy to have a new friend and a new member of our extended family!