Here is my success story!
My name is Sherry, and my husband Wayne and I purchased Ghost at 3 1/2 months.  Here he was a beautiful white fluffball German Shepherd we named Ghost. We were so excited and quickly proceeded to get him used to his new home.  He was great!  He didn’t chew everything in the house and was a very loving dog. Ghost is a very active dog and we started taking him to the dog park right away.  He loves to play with the other dogs.  After a few months I began to realize that
I needed some help.  Ghost is very smart and also very stubborn.  He was not listening the way he once did.  Barking was becoming an issue as was charging the fenceline if someone walked by.  This started to carry over to the dog park.  He was charging other dogs (mainly puppies) and getting in peoples faces and barking.
Enter Grace: 
Ghost had to learn some manners!  Ghost learned right away…I on the other hand had to be trained-to be an owner and not Mommy!  I had no idea I was creating Ghost’s problems.  I babied him and spoiled him so much that he was becoming very unbalanced.  Grace has taught me to recognize these things when I am out in public with Ghost.  I have to be his owner first and always, that way he can be a happy, balanced dog (not my child)!  My big thing is that I was afraid he would listen out of fear.  Not so!  He has not one bit of fear for Grace.  He is always excited to see her with tail wags and lots of kisses.  Now we are back to having fun when we are out instead of Ghost feeling like he has to have my back which was causing his bad behaviour to begin with.  The training methods Grace uses are tried and true and are employed with assertiveness and a genuine caring for the pet she is working with.  I cannot say enough good things about Grace.  She has restored Ghost to a balanced dog and me to a confident dog owner.
Sherry & Wayne