Meet Leo. A great people friendly dog, but over time living somewhat isolated out in the country, had become dog aggressive. He couldn’t play with other dogs and walking him in parks etc. wasn’t much fun. Three months later with training from Grace, we have a new and improved Leo!!
Grace worked with our family one on one, teaching us all the little tricks to establish proper dominance in our home. As well, she used her own dogs to show Leo how to behave and be secure and comfortable around other dogs. Leo is now able to enjoy a romp in the dog park with his friends.
Unexpected bonuses…a dog that no longer jumps on people at the entrance way, listens to commands, walks and runs beautifully on a leash and is much calmer and happier all around. Grace not only gave us training ideas, skills and knowledge but just as importantly, the positive, confident and down-to-earth attitude that we needed to create change. My Mom visited for a week recently and said, ” It’s like you have a different dog now”. We sure do. Thanks Grace.
~ Susanne