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My name is Barb, and I got this little bull dog last summer, she was a very good girl and when she was six months old I went back to the breeder where I got her from and purchased her sister from another litter. So now I have a six month and a six week old bulldog. Things were going great until the second bulldog got to be about four months old and that is when our first bulldog started to develop some aggression and dominance issues, this is where Grace came into our lives. Grace worked with our oldest bulldog who is called Thistle and tried to get her to be more submissive with the younger bulldog. Grace gave me much home work on how to teach Thistle how to behave but I was unable to follow through as these dogs were just too powerful for me as I am an elderly woman who bit off more then I could chew. Thistle got to be so aggressive that I could no longer trust her to be around my other bulldog or children so again I called Grace back to our house.  Grace informed me that I had two gladiator breeds that were just not willing to get along.  Grace suggested that I take Thistle to her place for doggie boot camp.  Thistle was at boot camp for six weeks and was doing great.  We set up a day for her to bring Thistle home and immediately upon Thistle getting out of the car she charged and attacked the younger bulldog.  I was horrified but Grace promised she would do all she could to find Thistle her forever home.  I realized I had a very hard decision to make-I had to choose to give up Thistle.  Grace took her home and continued boot camp therapy.  I told Grace that I did not want Thistle to be re homed as I was not willing to take a chance of her hurting someone so I asked Grace if she could give her her forever home.  Grace opened her heart and home to my little girl where she now lives and could not be happier.  I will be forever grateful to Grace for her compassion towards my difficult decision and to offer her home to Thistle to live out her days in a healthy, happy and balanced home.  I will be forever grateful to Grace for doing for Thistle what I was unable to do.  Thank you Grace for your kindness and support in what was a very hard decision in my life.  I look forward to many happy updates and pictures and allowing me to be a part of Thistle’s life. Grace has now renamed Thistle to Little Misses as she feels she is no longer a prickly little girl.

Forever grateful,