We are the proud owners of a mixed breed dog named Saebel who we picked up from the Belleville Humane Society in December 2011. We were a bit apprehensive at our decision to bring her home at first, as she is a very big, muscular dog who we knew nothing about – other than the fact that someone had surrendered her to the Humane Society because she was “hard to control.” We were referred by a friend to contact Grace so that Saebel would get the top-notch training she needed. We immediately enrolled her in an 8 week training course where she was taught a lot of basic good manners and we were shown some very invaluable training skills that we still use today. We’ve had Saebel for 10 months now and she is one of the best dogs we’ve ever owned – she is sweet, loving and remains as obedient as she was after leaving the 8 weeks of training that Grace provided to her. We’ve referred Grace’s expertise to friends and family as we know that she not only provides great results, but she also had a genuine love and affection toward Saebel both during and after the training sessions we attended.

~ Christa