piper 003


I had never owned a puppy before but knew that someday dogs would be in my life. When I found Piper I immediately fell in love – who wouldn’t with those puppy dog eyes! She was 2 months old when I brought her home and I was really happy. As the days went on she was starting to act out of control – bitting, jumping up on me or anyone when they walked through the door, and went crazy when my young nieces and nephews came over to play. Being a new puppy owner and watching Piper start to take over my house, I was starting to lose the confidence and strength of a dog owner and was ready to pull my hair out. Then there was Grace! She was highly recommended by a friend of my sister who recently benefitted from her wisdom and expertise. The phone call I made to Grace was the best thing I ever did. Grace took the time to talk to me explaining the puppy stages and why Piper would do what she does which helped me to understand that what Piper was doing is a normal part of  PUPPY-HOOD. The training was done at a pace where Piper and I were succeeding and after time you could see the results. I was gaining my confidence back with being a puppy owner. With Grace’s support, guidance and long talks it made my experience with Piper a more enjoyable one. I would highly recommend Grace and Rrruffhouse.com to anyone in a heartbeat!

Thanks Grace!