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You may remember reading about Ghost, our German Shepherd here a couple of years ago.  We got Ghost at 3 /2 months and he was a handful.  I enlisted Grace’s help and the rest is history.  Ghost is now a wonderful, balanced dog with a great understanding of what is expected of him.  it has been a journey and although it hasn’t always been easy it has been sooooo worth it!!  My training continues every day.  I have learned a lot and accepted things now as they are.  Ghost is not a “dog park” dog.  He does not enjoy it at all.  We also do not let him say hi to people or other dogs on walks.  He is not mean, but he is protective.  As my husband is fond of saying-there is a reason the police and military use them.  That being said, Ghost, at almost 4 years old now has become loving and kind, full of kisses and snuggles.  He enriches our lives daily.  When we come home from work there he is…under the tree or on the front step.  He is very vocal and lets us know he is glad to see us.  He recently went to Little Stinkers for the first time for grooming.  I received the highest compliment from them.  When I asked how he had been, they said he was excellent and proceeded to tell me I had done a great job with him.  High Praise Indeed!!
Thank you Grace for teaching us the skills needed to help this wonderful Shepherd become the sweet boy he is today.

Sherry & Wayne