teddy 001This is an email I received from Teddy’s owner and wanted to share,

We heard about Grace from our daughter Emily who had used her for their dog Toby. We decided to give her a try with Teddy. Teddy is a two year shitzu who thought he was the boss in our house. He would listen only when he wanted to, he would bark and jump up on our visitors, jump up on our couch when he felt like it. Recently he was introduced to a baby which he felt he needed to be the protector of the baby and when the baby cried and the dad tried to calm the baby Teddy decided he would nip the dad . We then knew he needed to be dealt with. He went and visited Grace and her boot camp for seven days. Since coming home he only gets up on the furniture when he is invited up, when our guests come to the door he sits and waits til he is told he can greet the visitors, when I would go down the stairs to the rec room he would tear down ahead of you, now when we tell him to wait at the top he waits til he’s told that it is ok to come down. The biggest accomplishment is when he had something in his mouth like my sock he would bite if we tried to get it from him, now I just say drop and he does. Our Teddy and now me are totally changed , I am the pack leader not him.